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December 15 2013: Joe Lewis: Writer, Weaver and Artist by Lina Voia

 Ottawa based Cultural Videograhpher/ Journalist Lina Voia did a 25 minute interview with me. in it I mention Louise Lemieux Berube, Donya Coward Textiles and the comic book" Deadman" by Dwayne Mahoney Art the a 1982 Untitled Book by Rob Flack published by Art Metropole . this video is 28 minutes long

March 12, 2013: Joseph Simpson Knitting Mill/Berkeley Castle

Writer, artist, and Jacquard weaver Joe Lewis speaks about his recent textile exhibition held in the community gallery within Berkeley Castle, a building that was home to Toronto's first textile mill.


research, direction, writing, production:
Camille Turner + Michael Alstad
Barbara Greczny
Brahm Rosensweig

There are earlier videos which are being digitized and will be added when they are ready  

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