Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exhibiting in my first international show Octobre 2011


International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art

Kherson Local Lore Museum,

Kherson, Ukraine October 18-29 2011

presented by "Scythia" Textiles 
Vasyl Andrijashko /Ukraine, Carlos Arias/ Chile/ Mexico, Cafer Arslan / Turkey. Josef Bajis/ USA, David Brackett,/USA, Miroslav Broos/Slovakia , Rob Burton/ Great Brittan, Gregorio Chavez/ Peru, Thomas Chung/ Australia, Zlatko Cvetkovic/ Serbia, Michael Dennis/ USA, Alexander Fedorenko/ Ukraine, David Fraser/USA, Mustafa Gurguler/ Turkey , Peter Harris,/Canada, James Hunting/ Great Brittan, Andrew Schneider/ Ukraine, Bill Kerr/ USA, Kevin Kissell/ USA, Yury Kukhar/ Ukraine Joe Lewis/Canada, Clay McLaurin/ USA, Richard McVetis/ great Brittan, Maciej Mesznik/ Poland, John Paul Morabito/ USA, Michael Radyk/ USA, Michael Rohde/USA, Jean Pierre AVONTS SAINT LAGER/ France, Taiki Sukigara/ Ja

detail of Reflections on the Man in the Moon, which was one of my two pieces that was in the Fibremen International Textile Art Exhibition in Kherson, Ukraine 
You can see an overview of this exhibition in fibreQUARTERLY Volume 7 Issue 3 Fall 2011 Men & Textiles
Fibremen International : Exhibition Sampler 

Images on Cover from top left corner, Stag by Grant Heaps, floating on top of  Lang Pioneer Village interpreter Clarke Stanley weaving a rag rug on one of the three Samuel Lowery Handlooms in S.W. Lowry Weaver Shop and Jacquard Loom Interpretive Centre at Lang outside of Peterborough Ontario, beside details of three works from the recent Fibermen International Exhibition in Kherson Ukraine, Richard McVetis proportions of a male figure, 2010, hand embroidered wool – seeding, cross stitch   h76 x w58cm Clay McLaurin  Lichens, 2010, cotton thread on bristol board, machine embroidery, Dimensions (cm.)   51 x 36, Joe Lewis detail of 'Reflections on the man in the moon" Jacquard woven cloth, Knitted Paint Can and Brush by  Thomas C. Chung (also in fibermen international) Carl Stewart "memoria" 2008 cotton: cross stitch