Saturday, July 02, 2016

Introducing Print on Demand T-Shirts

ting to get a photo of myself wearing the #MudFlapBoy #Beefcake T -shirt
Speaking of Foot Long Hot Dogs.

Introducing the first in a series of Print On Demand T-Shirts from ‪#‎AkaMudFlapBoy‬

 ‪#‎MudFlapBoy‬ ‪#‎Beefcake‬ ‪#‎Tshrits‬ now available.

my first #MudFlapBoy BeefcakeT-Shirt printed at Toronto Tees
Toronto, ON
 Order Now $60.

T-shirt is available in all sizes and in T-shirt or Muscle Shirt, colour  image on white only.

Printing will be done within 3 days of receiving payment (paypal or e-transfer)

It will be shipped via Purolator or UPS depending on your location or preference.

Order today using for transaction.
(beefcake should be the answer you provide)

Please include shipping details in message.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

aka Mud Flap Boy shop opens on Etsy

Its kind of like the fog clearing and realizing that not having had a exhibition in a commercial gallery in 15 years might be a reason I am not making a living from my art as i did in 1990s. As for exhibiting in a public space /not necessarily a public gallery I had two Mud Flap Boy jacquard pieces in the first Fibreman International in the Ukraine in 2011 and two solo shows : White Work in 2012 in the coffee shop at the train station in Brantford Ontario or in the Fish Store (as in  storage warehouse rather then shop ) at the Rayns Premises National Historic Site in Bonnivista Newfoundland during the Bonavista Church Street Festival

this is the the Fish Store Ehibition Threatre at Rayns Premises National Historic Site where installed my show "Not Born In A Trunk" there on the third floor as part of the Bonavista Church Street Festival in the Town of Bonavista  

here i am giving a Backstrap weaving demo in the Fish Store 

"Reflections on the Man in the Moon" in the Fish Store. ( this piece was one that was shown in Fibremen Inernational in the Ukraine)  This space is big old, whitewashed. it was easy to hang in the space because of its physical construction the beam under the roof lime is in front of the wall studs and with the gab is just one big Hanging Rail around the room. its brilliant.

Joe Lewis impromptu show at Doctor 13's lair. in St Johns Newfoundland July 2015 photo by Clem Curtis   
before I go on here is the link to aka Mud Flap Boy shop on Etsy