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THE 7th INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE AND FIBRE ART EXHIBITION “FIBREMEN” Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine, November 8-22, 2022

 Two of my works along with work byf 33 artists from 18 countries are now on exhibit in the FIBREMEN 7 International exhibition presented by Scythia 

The concept:

“Historically women and the textile media have always been closely linked. Even in the words, which are used to describe the art works done by women we feel preferential role of women. Delicate, tiny, small… Can men make tiny, delicate art works? Frequently the word – simple – is used in description of art works done by women. Simple sample, simple pattern… Simple for whom? Can be this pattern simple for men?

Such women like terminology devalues the works done by women and diminishes the real status of any textile work.

The role of men in Ukraine is not traditionally connected with textile media, like in most countries of the world. But there are still men in textile art world, who have made outstanding success. The amount of men in textile art is strong enough everywhere in the world. But it is undeniable that the majority of textile artists are still women.

With this exhibition I would like to give more exhibition space and to support male textile artists. This exhibition will be for those of them, who continue to pursue their work and have success in the art world.

There is still in the world wave of women textile exhibitions. But today it is more and more common to see men expressing their experience of being male in this world though their textile art works. They weave, sew, embroider, make quilts, and make innovative fabrics. They work in fashion and textile industries. Lots of them are curators, lecturers of prestigious universities. This list of men’s achievements in the sphere of textile is unlimited.

William Pollack in his book « Real Boys » wrote: « Society is judging the behaviour of boys against outmoded ideas about masculinity. By placing a boy in this gender straight jacket, society is limiting his emotional range. » As a project founder I don’t want in any way to limit men in their emotional range and in creativity. So no limits as for textile techniques and textile materials.

I hope to see in Ivano-Frankivs’k art works of textile artists, who dedicated their life and their biggest love to Textile. “

Ludmila Egorova 

Shield: unnoticeable man

Dimensions (cm.) 22.86 X 24.1Materials & technique, year completed Cotton, silk, tulle, embroidery floss, sewing thread. Pieced and quilted with appliqué, 2021

Square unnoticeable man

Dimensions (cm.) 31.75cm X 31.75
Materials & technique, year completed Cotton , 3.25mm wool yarn and linen thread, pulled thread and couching 2021

Saturday, October 23, 2021

One Thought: 20 Years of Making Textile works

One Thought: 20 Years of Making Textile works by joe lewis. 

September 3 – 28, 2021 

Atelier Ludmila Gallery 129 1/2 Hunter St. W, #1 Peterborough ON.


When I was invited to pay to show in a commercial gallery in Peterborough Ontario I decided to go for it and use the walls to look at a body of work that i have been working on since my first trip to the lands inhabited by the Gwichʼin, the Hän, the Kaska Dena, the Tagish, the Northern and Southern Tutchone, and the Tlingit (Teslin) peoples in the lands know as the Yukon ( a Gwich'in name meaning "great river." )  Territories in Canada's north. 

Out of  this trip a new visual vocabulary based on road signs enter my work but one in particular came to the fore. A silhouette recognizable as a body builder competition pose. It struck me at the time was right to have an objectified male figure to use to explore the reactions of a viewing audience. My ideas about how this figure might be viewed recently when i was working on the newest banner pieces when the cut out figure could be read as child size with all the energy and curiosity bottled up inside ready to leap into action. i had to let go of my cynicism

How people respond to my work has always intrigued me. The idea of using one image only opened the widow to exploring / learning different weaving techniques; Jacquard and Tapestry and numerous surface design techniques; needle work, image transfer, appliqué, piecing and natural dying. 


    “In different terms”

thermal transfer on felt with couching on found damask
26″ x 25″,  $275


2007- 2021

Natural dyes, transfer print appliqué on cotton handkerchief 18″ x 18″   



 “Working men in log cabin” 

1997 - 2020
Pieced cotton quilt square. Varnish transfer and appliqué
12″ x 12″,  $275




Applique with chain stitch on pieced fabrics unknown fibre
24″ x 12″,  $350



pulled thread and chain stitch on layered cotton12.5″ x 12.5″,




Man In Garden”

reverse appliqué, appliqué and stitching
4′ x 32″ approx., 




 pulled thread work and chain stitch on found linen place mat
19″ x 13″,  


“Shield: unnoticeable man”
1998 - 2021
pieced fabric and chain stitch appliqué
9″x 9.5″, 

2015 thermal transfer on cotton, chain stitch 11″ x 11″



2021 mixed fiber, cotton appliqué and embroidery 24″ x 19″,


2021, printed organza and lace appliqué
15″ x 8.5″ 

 Jacquard Woven Hangings

"(Mud Flap) Boy in Landscape“ 
Jacquard Woven Textile
48.26 cm w X 76.5 cm h
19” w X 30” h
Warp: 6 colour repeat cotton,
Weft: 2 1st shuttle mixed white 2/8 cotton
and mesmerized sewing thread
2nd shuttle Black 2/8 Cotton, 


Red Tool Belt, 
Jacquard Woven Textile
68.58 cm X 101.6 cm
27” h X 40” w
Warp: cotton,
Weft: 1 shuttle, cotton and metallic 

Reflections on The Man in the Moon
 2010, Jacquard Woven Textile
48.26 cm wide X 142. cm h
19” w X 55.9 “ h
Warp six colour repeated cotton
Weft 1st shuttle black
2nd shuttle White

Blue Sky With Red Rose Camouflage
 2007, Jacquard Woven Textile, 48.26
cm wide X 1.42 meters High (19 “ X 56”)
Warp: 6 colour repeat cotton
Weft: 3 colour
1st shuttle Black 4/8 cotton and mercerized
sewing thread
2nd Red mixed 4/8 cotton and 2 shades of red
mercerized cotton sewing thread
3rd Grey mercerized cotton sewing thread 

“Young Harlequin In The Landscape”  
 2007, Jacquard Woven Textile
48.26 cm w X 142. cm h
19 “ w X 56”h
Warp: 6 colour repeat cotton
Weft: 3 colour/
1st Black mixed 4/8 cotton and sewing thread
2nd grey mercerized cotton and sewing
3rd white 4/8 cotton

“Blue Genes” 
 Jacquard Woven Textile
68 cm x 105. cm
27”h X 40” w
Warp: cotton,
Weft:1 shuttle, cotton and metallic


Sky Child”
painted canvas with reverse appliqué with pieced band
19″ x 4′ $2,000

Dancing Child”
Pieced found textile appliqué on silk 19″ x 4′ $2,000




a new though to be continued.



To see an overview of past work (1985 - 2008) you can visit my Visual AIDS profile

Visual AIDS/ JoeLewis



Monday, September 06, 2021

joelewis: Curriculum Vitae 2021

Education: Self taught 

 Solo Exhibitions 

2021 " One Thought: 20 Years of Making Textile Works", Atelier Ludmilla Gallery, Peterborough,Ontario 

2015 "Not Born in a Trunk", Ryan's Premise National Historic site, Bonnavista Newfoundland 

2002 "Yukon Sketches", OR, Guild Hall, Whitehorse, YT 

2000 Velvet Highway and Other Journeys, Material Matters, Toronto, On. 

1999 "Patchwork; Reconstructing The Personal", Artspace, Peterborough, On. 

1997 "Construction", part two, Cameron Public House, Toronto On part one, College Street Bar, Toronto, On. 

1996 "Surface" part two, Eye Of The Storm, Toronto, On. part one, Street City Bikes, Toronto, On. 

"Land Weather Family", part three, Myxed Media Art Gallery, Calgary, AB. 

1995 "Land Weather Family", part two, Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto, On. part one, Caffe Senator, Toronto, On. 

1994 "Flight", Cameron, Public House, Toronto, On. Baroquecoco Trash, Bloomsberries Clothing and Art, Toronto, On. 

1993 "Story", Express Café, Toronto, On. 

1992 "New Work" part two, La Hacienda, Toronto, On. part one, Express Café, Toronto, On 

1991 "Land (e)scape Memory", Levity, Toronto, On. The Nancy Ward/Residency Project, Artspace, Peterborough, On. Reference, Cameron Public House, Toronto, On. 

1990 "Flowers and Other Things", Express Café, Toronto, On. 

1989 "Pain", Cameron Public House, Toronto, On. Confessions of a caffeine addict, Rivole, Toronto, On. 

1988 "Dirt", The Extra Space, Toronto, On. New Work, Broadview Gallery, Peterborough, On.

 "Myth and Object", The Rainbow Room, Toronto, On. Barbie's Dream House, Artspace, Peterborough, On 

1987 "Juggery", Trent University Women's Centre, Peterborough, On. 

1986 "The Barbie Show", part four, Tulip Café, Paris On.. part three, The Rainbow Room, Toronto, On. part two, Peter Robinson College, Trent University, Peterborough, On. 

1985 part one, Metropol Espresso Bar, Calgary, AB.

  Selected Group Shows

2022 The 7th International Textile And Fibre Art Exhibition “FIBREMEN” Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine

2014  on going  Fate Destiny and Self Determination a collaborative tapestry instigated by Line Dufour This project based in weaving and other fiber art propelled by social media. Has been shown in 10 countries including Canada, China, German,y Ireland, Uruguay, USA

2012  Variegated Threads, Common Thread International Exhibition, World of Threads The Halls, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

2011 "Fibremen International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art"

        Local Lore Museum, Kherson, Ukraine October 2011 presented by "Scythia" Textiles

2010 "Telling Tails: Woven Narrative Textiles: Kathy Schicker and Joe Lewis" Berkeley Castle Gallery               Toronto

2006  "Stocking Stuffers", Pentimento Fine Arta Gallery, Toronto 

2001 "Renaissance Men", Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum,, Golden Colorado, US

2000 "Foundations'" Peterborough Arts Umbrella, Peterborough On. 

1998 " Instant", Olivia Thompson Gallery, Toronto, On. 

1996 "Wear", object referencing the body, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB. 

1995 "New Land", Daniel B. Sponagle Gallery, Toronto, On. 

1994 "Home, South Logan Salvage, Rescue, Scarp and Art", Toronto, On. Curated by Garth Barriere "Middlemarch", Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, On. Organized by the Literary Press Group 

1992 "AIDS Memorial Show", A Space, Toronto, On. Curated by Clamorous Intentions 

1991 "Images For Life", Evelyn Amis Gallery, Toronto, On. Curated by Spencer Row 

1990 "Raw Fantasies", Artefect, Toronto, On. Curated by Philip Carins 

1989 "October Rage", The Extra Space, Toronto, On. Curated by Michael Allen 

1988 "No Bill C-52", Weller Potovsky Gallery, Toronto, On. The Erotic Show, Artefect, Toronto, On.

1987 "The Exchange Show",part three, Artspace, Peterborough, On.part two, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, On. part one, K.A.A.I., Kingston, On. Peterborough selection Curated by David Beirk 

1986 "The X-Mass Show", Gallery 101, Ottawa, On. Curated by Dennis Tourbin 

1985 "Taking stock", The Next Wave, Artspace, Peterborough, On. Curated by David Beirk. 

  Selected Performance Work 

1995 Small Business, 16mm film by Rita Listner, Toronto, On. ''joe'' lead male 

1993 Dishfunktion, an evening of performance work by joelewis and Metia Winkler at Artspace, The Market Hall, Peterborough, On. 

1992 Rochdale, a play by Friendly Spike Theatre, Poor Alex, Tarragon Extra Space, Toronto, On. 'postman' a projected character 

The Nancy Ward, in concert reading of script for 12 voices, at Artspace, The Market Hall, Peterborough, On. Writer / performer 

1990 My Secret Kitchen, a performance piece by and with Margaret Dragu, at Artspace,The Market Hall, Peterborough, On. ''Art Director'' super numerary 

1987 Where e You Goin' The Mall, solo multi media performance, writer/performer, Producer / Director, Garth Barrierre / Synk Productions Western Front, Vancouver BC, 3rd Vancouver Fringe Festival Stage 8, Edmonton AB., Gone with The Fringe 

1986 She Should Have Stood In Bed, a courtly entertainment for S.G. Taylor during ''this moment is an Eternity'' installation/performance at Gallery 101 in Ottawa, On. 

Where You Goin' The Mall, solo muti media performance Multi Cab 5 regional performance festival, Arstspace, The Market Hall, Peterborough, On.

 '...nice day'' solo Dance piece, Choreographed by Jane Mappin, La Groupe Des Place Royal, workshop performance, Artspace, The Market Hall, Peterborough, On. Selected Readings 

1992 from Disfunktion... Open Country Books, Calgary, AB. The Union Theatre, Peterborough, On. 

1991 Disgo, Dhatgo, improvised story telling Friendly Spike Theatre, Benefit, Toronto, On. 

 Sync Cabaret Too, open mike, July- August, weekly M.C. and improvised serial story 

1990 Betty Stories, improvised serial story, Yo, open mike nite, Feb.-May The Love Club, Toronto, On. And I Do Sing, book launch. The Union, Peterborough, On. 

1989 Fashion is Not Your Friend, poetry Reading Hangman Pub, Peterborough, On. 

1985 Ode to Italy, poetry reading, Ten Foot Henery's, Calgary, AB. 

1984 Two Narratives, short story reading, A Gala Night of Performance, Artspace, The Market Hall, Peterborough, On.


 "Ode To Italy", synk Ink, 1985, poetry chap book 

"Where you goin' the mall?", synk Ink, 1987, comic book 

"Better never than late", synk Ink, 1989, comic calendar 

"Dishfunktion: a deconstruction of the micro wave safe", pas de chance 1994, novel (publication pending)

"And I Do Sing", a poetry cycle by Joe Lewis, Synk Ink  1989,  2013 E-Book

  Articles and Reviews 

 ''lewis vision...'' Catherine Jenkins, Arthur, Trent University student paper, Vol. 4 no. 12, 1983

 ''Barbie Doll'' Martha, Tancock, Peterborough Examiner, Jan. 17, 1986 

 ''...Comes to town'' Garth Barriere, Go Info, Dec. 1986 

''Where you going'' James Adam, The Edmonton Journal, Aug. 21 1987

 ''...crowd baffled'' Neal Watson, The Edmonton Sun, Aug.20 1987

 ''...some funny'' Lloyd Dykk, The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 17 1987 

 ''Home Unstable'' Jake Baken, Arthur, Vol.22 no.6 Oct. 1987 

 ''Hard Questions'' Andrew McPhail, Extra, no.107, Aug. 1988 

''Expressive...'' Lisa Lowe, Arthur, Sept. 20 1988 

 ''Artistic Cabaret'' Chris Corrigan, Peterborough, Examiner, Jul.5 1191 

 ''Queen West'' Garth Barriere, Extra, Feb. 21, 1992 

 “Joe Lewis: Remembering Home”, Wendy Pearson, exhibition essay Patchwork: Re-Constructing the Personal, Artspace Peterborough Ontario May 1999 

“Joe Lewis: Holding The Torch”, Garham McCracken Fibre Focus Volume 53, Number 3 Autumn 2010

 “Joe Lewis: Jacquard Weaver” Garham McCracken Fibre Focus Volume 53, Number 3 Autumn 2010 digtal exclusive 

 “Man/ Body/ Fibre” John Hopper Inspirational Plus 2016 



Monday, February 22, 2021

My Imaginary Wood Lot

 Buses, Cars, people on foot and on bikes, street cars and trucks pass by and through this location in down town Toronto everyday barely noticing it's beauty. I have looked at for 30 years or more and only with Covid restrictions preventing me from getting out of the urban (not) jungle it became a spot to go to and drawn nature.

 looking east towards the Don Valley Parkway Dec 3, 2020 3:45 pm

looking to the north noticing details

November 29 2020 3:15 pm

nature can deal with humans if left to its own devices  November 2020 3:00 pm 

a view north through Riverdale Park from the north side of where River Street goes down to Bayview Dec 6 2020 2:45 pm

January 25 2021 2:45 pm

the opposite view of the first drawing so looking west from the Eastside of my imaginary wood lot

as it nears the end of February i went out again 

February 24, 2021 4pm under cloudy skies


March 19, 2021 Old tree in Riverdale Park west

March 19, 2021 view of foot bridge across the Don Valley a few yards futher north then i have drawn so far