Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2016 Mud Flap Boy Beefcake Calander

now on sale

You have heard of Print on Demand  well now $10.00 gets you the "Print Your Own" I have done the design now you can do the rest.

now that you have purchased and downloaded the Print Your Own" 2016 Mud Flap Boy Calendar the next step is up to you 
No doubt you will have to take this to your favorite print shop to choose the 11" X 17" paper to print this "Beyond Sexy" calendar on and the kind of binding you want, (with Hanging hook or get a hole punched)

if you want to print more then one please think about paying me for them.

thanks and enjoy marking of the days.

View Calendar page here  or go directly to my Velvet Highway Ink shopping page where you can by the 2016 MudFlapBoy BeefCake Calander and or my E-poetry Book "And I Do Sing" both are PDF Downloads

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