Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Post by Joe Lewis.


Detail "Winter Into Spring/ Mary's Hotel", 16" X 10" Quilt, Thermal transfer on cotton, embellished with stitching. Joe Lewis © 2000. part of Yukon Series has never been exhibited.

Join the exclusive club of international collectors of Joe Lewis which began in 1985 and has continued through the changes in media from painting and drawing through quilting and applique to weaving. (some collectors have posted photos of pieces they own on facebook) In this Facebook (mock) Store smaller readily affordable Items will be posted with a set price If you want to purchase an item at the set price leave a comment or if you are bashful e-mail it to me at and I will update the item as on hold and you have a 24 time period to make payment arrangements. If not the item becomes available again, (you are welcome to offer more then the set price and compete with others to have your very own #JoeLewisArtWork) Payments can be made through PayPal, money order or if with in Canada via bank e-transfer

 View from deserted mine site in Northern BC. Dunwell Mines includes 32 Crown-granted claims (Dunwell, Lot 4286; Ben Hur (Silver Arrow Lot 870; George E, Lot 872, etc.) on Glacier Creek about 4 miles north of Stewart.

you can see images from my first trip to the Yukon on Facebook.

Works on Hold
"House Proud Early Man" Acrylic on canvas board 12” x 9” Joe Lewis © 1992 
 “Lee Ryder’s Pick up Truck” quilt with varnish transfer, Tufted and embellished with embroidery and buttons, 10” X 7” Joe Lewis© 2002, with peel off Fig Leaf.

The above two works did have what I assumed were firm offers made on them but no payment has been forth coming. If they have not been paid for by the end of January they will be for sale again
you can keep with new works coming on sale here