Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Paintings for Days and Days and some quilts an on-line auction of a selection of my early works

#JoeLewisArt you might want to know ...On the other hand I am / my work is in one of the two competing art collections (father and son's) in Canada's richest family. 

"Wanted Not: portrait of a Timothy Findley Biography" mixed media on canvas 24" X 18" 1994 . Private Collection. Sold at Middlemarch, Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, On. Organized by the Literary Press Group April 1994 photo provided by the Literary Press Group.

Double Landscape, Acrylic on canvas board 12” x 14” Joe Lewis © 2014 -

In an attempt to my attending the European Textile Networks next conference in May 2015 I have started to have spur of the moment on line auctions on facebook. The first "8 Paintings in 8 Days" was organized by David Bateman and featured Landscape Sketches and Paintings from / inspired by Water Valley Alberta and Gore’s Landing Ontario done in early 1990s . It took place from October 24 until November 2, five of the eight paintings met the opening bids some exceeded them. three are still available as of November 11 2014

Weather Map, acrylic on plywood 24”x 12” Joe Lewis ©1995 - SOLD

Water Valley Alberta, tempera and watercolour on sketch book paper 12” x 9” -Joe Lewis ©1995 -

Water Valley Weather Acrylic on canvas board 12”x 9” Joe Lewis ©1993 SOLD

Small Islands in Rice Lake in Gore's Landing, watercolour 11” X 15” ©1995 - SOLD

 Update January  19 2015.  Sold on Facebook

 'Approaching Drumheller and some Hoodoos,' 
acrylic on Stonehenge paper 24” X 9”  Joe Lewis © 1993 Sold
Works on Hold
"House Proud Early Man" Acrylic on canvas board 12” x 9” Joe Lewis © 1992 
 “Lee Ryder’s Pick up Truck” quilt with varnish transfer, Tufted and embellished with embroidery and buttons, 10” X 7” Joe Lewis© 2002, with peel off Fig Leaf.

The above two works did have what I assumed were firm offers made on them but no payment has been forth coming. If they have not been paid for by the end of January they will be for sale again

Works for Sale
The three remaining paintings are available and more small pieces (including textile works will be coming on sale over the next few weeks.

Gore’s Landing Storm 2
tempera watercolour, sketch book paper 18” X 12”  Joe Lewis ©1995 -
$ 125.
If you would like purchase this please cut and paste this title into an e-mail  to

Water Valley Weather, acrylic on canvas board 9”x 12” Joe Lewis © 1993
 $ 100
If you would like purchase this please cut and paste this title into an e-mail  to

"Guy at Sunset" 9 X 12, acrylic on canvas board Joe Lewis© 1992. $125.00.
If you would like purchase this please cut and paste this title into an e-mail  to

Double Landscapes College 
 Six more landscape works now available as December 10th 2014   

  #1 untitled, 9 x 7 acrylic on paper Joe Lewis © 1993

 # 2 untitled, 10 x 7 acrylic on paper Joe Lewis © 1993

 # 3 untitled, 10 x 7 acrylic on paper Joe Lewis © 1993

 # 4 untitled, 10.5 x 7.5 acrylic on paper Joe Lewis © 1993

 # 5 untitled, 9 x 7.5 acrylic on paper Joe Lewis © 1993

# 6 untitled, 9 x 7.5 acrylic on paper Joe Lewis © 1993

Payments can be through PayPal or money order, if you are in Canada an e-transfer can be used 


If you are not in the market for a small Painting Sketch or Quilt you think about buying a copy of my e-poerty book: And I Do Sing for $10.00

To purchase And I Do Sing through PayPal follow this link 

What others are saying about And I Do Sing..

“Reflecting on the rage of having a lover torn away, Lewis envisions all tomorrow’s parties ended. A personal snapshot of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, And I Do Sing expresses the visceral intensity evoked by the loss of a lover, journeying forward to re-embrace life and memory. “
Catherine Jenkins
Catherine Jenkins has written two books, a poetry collection blood, love &; boomerangs and a novel Swimming in the Ocean, both published by Insomniac Press.

“Like the very best rock songs that refuse to stop playing in your mind, the poems in And I Do Sing are powerfully musical and fiercely intelligent. They are helpless, tender, sometimes funny and lit by a rage akin to prayer. Lewis sings not just for himself but for all who have lost someone important for all the wrong reasons.”

Ursula Pflug 
Ursula Pflug is author of the novel Green Music and the story collection After The Fires  
About : David Bateman is a poet/ play write/ painter and cultural worker, he wrote the introduction to the E-edition of And I Do Sing, as well as organizing the first 8 Paintings in 8 Days event on facebook.

You can read his latest reviews on his Blog here